Vacation’r Room - 14' - 15'

Catalog Item # 53708

Light weight design in a high quality room! For all brands of traditional roll-up awnings and Carefree 12 Volt Awnings.

Technical Specifications

19 lbs.

At this time, a patio awning screen room that includes a floor does not exist.
by Camping World – February 16, 2016
by Mary – October 28, 2015
The front panels have a zippered upper piece that slides into the accessory channel on the awning roller tube. The side panels attach towards the front with a bungee that wraps around the rollertube, the rear attaches to included brackets that is mounted to the awning rail. The middle section of the side panels have clips that are attached to the awning fabric. The Owner's Manual can be read here A video that demonstrates the setup process can be watched here.
by Camping World – December 30, 2015
by MikeM – September 04, 2015
This item attaches to your existing awning.
by Camping World – September 04, 2015

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