Valterra Rocket Hand Pump

Catalog Item # 14040

The Valterra Rocket Hand Pump delivers high flow action that lasts.

  • Piston action mechanism for high water flow and long-term prime lock
  • Unaffected by water deposits that reduce the ability of other types of hand pumps to hold their prime
  • Heavy-duty construction with chrome-finished base and spout
  • Requires 1 7/8" dia. hole. for mounting

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  • Technical Specifications

    Less than 1 lb.

    by Unfamiliar – January 14, 2016
    What kind of container is needed for the water? Is it typically stored higher than the pump? What kind/size tubing connects to the hand pump?
    The lever is moved back and forth to actuate the piston in the faucet which moves the water. Any container that can hold water can be used. Location of the water tank will not matter, but the further away the more pumps will be needed before water appears from the spout. The barb on the pump is 3/8". Here is a video where the unit was installed on a sink without an electric pump.
    by Camping World – February 11, 2016
    by Anonymous – June 11, 2015
    No, this is a manual pump only faucet. Item# 49167 on the other hand is designed to operate off city water pressure or water pump.

    If manual ability plus outside pressure is needed, there are some faucets on the market that do so (such as the 'Combo Hand Pump -Lowboy' by Leisure Components or the 'Fump' by J&C Water), we unfortunately do not have any at the moment.
    by Camping World – June 11, 2015

    by Anonymous – May 30, 2015
    i had a different pump on my camper. i need to know how wide the base is to see if it will work without too many modifications.
    Dimensions of the base are 3-1/4"D(front to back) x 2-5/8"W
    by Camping World – October 19, 2015

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