Ventline & Pre-1995 Jensen "D" Bore

Catalog Item # 76066

Replace a broken vent fan blade to restore air circulation in your RV.

All are 6" dia. with six blades. Made of high impact plastic for durability and break-resistance. Select the model for your vent by the vent brand, shape and center hole diameter.

Technical Specifications

Less than 1 lb.
6" dia

The replacement part number is BVD0215-00 which we have listed as SKU#56437.
by Camping World – May 05, 2016
by Anonymous – June 30, 2015
This fan blade is Counter Clockwise(CCW).
by Camping World – October 30, 2015
by Saratoga Oz – May 12, 2015
How do you remove the old broken fan blade from the motor shaft to install the new and will this unit work in a 1994 Fourwinds Bathroom vent?
These fan blades are just pressed onto the shaft. Here is a video that demonstrates how to get to the fan blade/motor on the vent. As for fit, we unfortunately cannot confirm based on RV information. You will need to check the fan blade for a manufacturer part# or check for a data label on the vent that may ID what make/model the unit is. We have replacement fan blades in Clockwise and Counter Clockwise formats along with round and D-bore shafts.
by Camping World – September 18, 2015

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