Ventura Seat Portable Recliner Chair, Vibe

Catalog Item # 84558

The Ventura Seat is a portable recreational recliner with armrests and adjustable backpack straps you can take just about anywhere

Armrests mean comfort for some of us and the Ventura Seat won't disappoint. In addition, it's filled with high-density PU foam which provides the firmness you need to prevent aches in your back and bottom. If you prefer a wider seat over armrests, you can invert the armrests to increase the width of the seat to 20 inches. Six backrest positions offer a range of comfort possibilities, and adjustable backpack straps accommodate people of all heights. The Ventura Seat is great for the beach, pool, picnics, spectator sports or for dorm living and video gaming.

Technical Specifications

10 lbs.
20 x 2 x 32

I have tried pressing in the middle of the seat and it always makes the chair fold normally with the armrests.
The entire seat is flexible, the arms are just physically pushed towards the backrest to invert them. You can view a quick product demo here.
by Camping World – October 05, 2015

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