Vinyl Spare Tire Cover, Home is Where You Park It, 27"

Catalog Item # 87180

Share your love of camping while shielding your spare from UV rays and weathering.

Built for durability with double-needle stitching, overlapping seams and a vinyl strap.

Technical Specifications

2.4 lbs.

by Anonymous – May 06, 2017
No, this will be small. Per the tire size provided, the approximate tire diameter is 28".
by Camping World – June 16, 2017
by Anonymous – May 02, 2016
A 205/75/14 tire measures approximately 26" in diameter. This will work but, may be slightly loose. I'd recommend getting a 26" cover for best fit.
by Camping World – August 01, 2016
by Anonymous – April 06, 2016
No, this spare tire cover is only available in 27" and 29" diameters.
by Camping World – April 08, 2016

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