NEW! Weber Q 2200 Portable Gas Grill

Catalog Item # 72903

The Weber Q 2200 Portable Gas Grill gives you an even better backyard tailgate camp cooking or RV experience!

Technical Specifications

43.2 lbs.
25-1/10"D x 51-2/5"W x 15-1/2"H (lid closed, tables out)

what is the grilling surface sq. inches
Yes, the largest portable WeberQ is the 2200 model with a single burner and 280 of cooking area. The largest Q series grill from Weber is the 3200 model but has a modified base to mount permanently to the included cart. The 3200 has two burners with 468 of cooking surface. We do not carry this model since it is not portable like the other variations.
by Camping World – December 23, 2015
by Mike – August 13, 2015
I've heard some will but not be fully functional. Will this function at specs connected to LP? What additional parts are needed?
No, this grill does not connect to an RVs low pressure propane line. Weber has yet to provide a conversion kit to do so; modifications are custom performed by the owner to connect to an RV onboard LP system.
by Camping World – August 14, 2015
why wont my on-board 50 pound tank work?
The grates are approximately 10.5" x 15", making an overall 21" x 15". However, the oblong-tapered shape causes surface area loss which is why the manufacturer states 280 sq.inches for cooking surface.

If you are connecting the Weber directly to a DOT approved 50# tank with an OPD valve, that will work. However, if you are trying to connect the Weber from a already regulated source without modification of the Weber including removal of the onboard regulator, the grill will not operate correctly.
by Camping World – October 21, 2015

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