Wedgewood Vision 3-Burner 21" Range

Catalog Item # 70069

Our spacious, high-efficiency Atwood High Output Ranges provide homestyle cooking convenience with 450¡F performance.

Our space-saving design is available in both 21" and 17". Both sizes feature a built-in broiler/toaster section and a 9,000-BTU high output main burner that lets you spend less time cooking and more time enjoying the RV lifestyle. The centralized high ouput burner location allows for the convenient use of a variety of pots and pans. And, the residential-like port configuration provides better flame distribution to cook food more evenly.

Additional Features:

  • Several styles and colors
  • Piezo or electronic ignition
  • Enhanced 6,500-BTU rear burners
  • First Electronic Ignition designed specifically for the RV industry
  • Residential-Style Grates that are rugged yet easy to remove
  • First to eliminate the need to notch the cabinet for installation
  • Linear Burner Valves that are easily adjusted on all burners with a wide range of flame settings

Technical Specifications

63 lbs.

by Jim M – November 07, 2015
On ranges made by Atwood, no.
by Camping World – January 06, 2016
by Jim M – November 06, 2015
The pilot in the oven does not have piezo ignition, it is lit with a match/BBQ lighter.

Care & Maintenance of Atwood Cooking Appliances

Manual: Atwood LP Gas Range & Slide-In Cooktops
by Camping World – January 06, 2016

by herki – November 06, 2015
No, this range is LP gas only.
by Camping World – November 06, 2015

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