Wedgewood Vision Slide-In 3-Burner Cook Tops - Piezo Ignition

Catalog Item # 70063

Wedgewood Vision cooktops are perfect for customers with tight space and/or width requirements or for those who prefer a microwave to an oven.

Technical Specifications

24 lbs.

by Anonymous – July 11, 2015
Have 1994 carriage chaise 5th wheel trying to update
For the most part, yes, a slide in 3-burner cooktop can occupy the same depth and width of a 3 burner range of the same manufacturer. However, the cutout will have to be filled somehow or a shelf built since a cooktop is replacing a full range(cooktop & oven). You can see dimension information in Atwood's cooktop/range brochure located here.
by Camping World – November 12, 2015
by RJ – February 06, 2014
I am surprised to see that the dimensions are not listed, please provide them.
The cutout dimensions needed for this item are 17 3/4" D x 20 1/4" W x 3" H. This is a 17" cook top.
by Camping World – February 06, 2014

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