Weight Distribution Shank, 14"

Catalog Item # 91482

Weight distribution replacement shank is made for heavy-duty towing.

It features a 2" x 2" shank to fit any equivalent size receiver tube opening, and it offers the strength necessary for towing large RVs and travel trailers. While the receiver tube shank measures 2" x 2", the vertical shank offers a universal fit to be compatible with most CURT weight distribution hitches. Holes in the vertical shank are spaced 1 1/4" center-to-center and have a 3/4" diameter, allowing for a maximum rise of 5 1/2" and a maximum drop of 7 1/2".

Technical Specifications

29 lbs.

by Anonymous – December 16, 2018
What are weight specs
Maximum Gross Trailer Weight: 15,000 lbs.

Maximum Tongue Weight: 1,500 lbs.
by Camping World – December 18, 2018

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