WFCO Deckmount 35 Amp Power Converter/Charger

Catalog Item # 86729

Three-stage 12-volt converter charging system produces clean, quiet, reliable DC power for electronics and appliances, with or without a battery.

Cooling fan runs only when needed for quiet operation. Won’t cause interference with TVs, radios or other signals. Integrated over-temperature and reverse polarity battery connection protection.

Technical Specifications

6 lbs.
5.69"W x 3.94"H x 8.76"D

by Sault P – December 14, 2017
Dimensions: 5.69"W x 3.94"H x 7.50"D

WF-9800 Series - Installation Manual
by Camping World – December 15, 2017

by Tony – August 23, 2017
Yes. It converts AC power to DC power. Check out page 7 of the PDF manual to view diagram.
by Camping World – September 27, 2017
by Dona – November 29, 2015
Yes, the WF-9835(Sku#86729) can replace a WF-8835 deck mounted 120V three stage converter charger. The WF-8800 series only comes in a 220V 55amp format these days hence the 9800 series converters by WFCO.
by Camping World – December 03, 2015

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