WFCO WF-8945MBA Series Main Board Assemblies Converter

Catalog Item # 58321

Upgrade your built-in DC converter/charger with the WF-8945MBA Series Main Board Assemblies Converter from WFCO for clean, quiet, and reliable power for your RV electronics and applicances.

This main board assembly replaces the lower power converter section on your built-in converter, including the Parallax 7145 and 7155 power center. It is a simple replacement part, installing easily with only 2 screws, 3 AC wires, and 2 DC wires. The plastic mounting plate keeps the converter steady. Designed for any WF-8945 or Parallax 7145 converter. FCC certified.

Technical Specifications

4 lbs.
7-1/16”W x 3-7/8”H x 9-1/2”D

by Randy – January 01, 2014
This measures 9.5" wide, 7.25" deep, and 4.0" tall.
by Camping World – January 07, 2014

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