White LED Replacement Light Strips, 30 LPM

Catalog Item # 91239

Replace your worn down White LED Light Strip(s) with Carefree's Universal Replacement Light Strips.

30 LPM (Lights Per Meter) give off more light than standard 18 LPM strips that typically come with your RV. Waterproof cut-to-size 16’ strip can be used anywhere you want to replace your current light strip, inside or outside your RV. Simple DIY installation replaces Carefree and most other Brand LED Lights.

  • 16’ 3M adhesive backed LED strip can be trimmed down to fit just about anywhere.
  • Utilize your existing wiring, electronics or remote control.
  • Gives off enough light to read by.
  • Plug and play adaptor fits existing Carefree light setups.
  • Includes full 26” lead.
  • Includes 2 butt splices for replacing competitive brand strips and/or for instances where you do not need 26” of lead. Trim to the size you need.

  • Technical Specifications

    2 lbs.

    I would like to replace the LED lights on my 2 8' awnings. Can I cut this in half and wire each one separate or do I need to purchase 2 kits?
    As is this kit is not really designed to be able to reuse the trimmed off LED lengths. A video of how this kit is used can be watched here. However, if you can obtain or salvage a pigtail for power, you may be able to solder it on the extra unused strip(s).
    by Camping World – May 25, 2016

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