White Multi-Purpose LED Light Strip

Catalog Item # 71612

16.4 feet, Warm White color lighting.

Technical Specifications

Less than 1 lb.

by Anonymous – August 31, 2015
The manufacturer recently created a video regarding their LED light strips and how they function. White Light Strips from Diamond Group

LED strip lighting has become very popular and numerous kits by different manufacturers are now available. While some components and designs differ, the general concept of how they work or are installed are the same. Here is a full video for LED Lighting for your RV, by Dometic. The Dometic kits are very similar to the ones from Diamond Group USA.
by Camping World – September 03, 2015

I am looking for a roll of lights that can be cut into varying lengths for strip lighting in cabinets, will this work? also can you buy the additional connectors for doing so?
Yes, this light strip can be cut every 2 inches. We have additional direct connection wire listed as item# 77624. However, additional connector pins, mfg part# 52675, will have to be special ordered through our Technical Service Group @ 800.622.6264 or via alternate retailer.
by Camping World – August 18, 2015
Yes, this light strip comes with two of the pin connectors.
by Camping World – June 09, 2015

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