Winegard FreeVision Off-Air HD Antenna

Catalog Item # 57593

Enjoy free digital and 1080 HD programming from your local stations with a compact, ultra-powerful digital TV antenna!

Receives high band VHF and UHF signals within a 30-mile range from the broadcast tower. Mount it anywhere inside or outside your home or apartment. Compatible with any TV, DVR or computer with digital tuner.

Heavy-duty U-bolt mounting clamp for outdoor installation included. Mount it indoors with a standard screw (not included). Mounts easily in attic, on deck, column or wall—virtually anywhere! Paintable to match décor or home exterior.

  • Receive More Channels Watch multi-cast over-the-air broadcast channels your cable provider can't show you including local ABC, NBC, CBS and FOX kids’ shows, news and weather.
  • Crystal Clear HD and Surround Sound Receive the highest quality HD signal and Dolby Digital Surround Sound!
  • Mount Indoors or Out Mounts easily on a deck, railing or side of the house, or inside the home in your living room or attic.

  • Technical Specifications

    2.4 lbs.
    20.57"W x 12.98"H x 6.20"D

    by Anonymous – April 06, 2014
    This is not amplified, no.
    by Camping World – April 08, 2014

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